Important Notice to ALL HVAC Contractors

On July 3rd, 2019 – a new Department of Energy regulation goes into effect for    furnace fan motors.

DOE 79 FR 38129

Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Furnace Fans

•  Known as the “FER” Rule – for “Fan Efficiency Rating.”


•  Regulates the efficiency of the fan motor in Furnaces.


•  Essentially written to do away with PSC motors and move residential furnaces to all EEM and ECM motors.


•  New furnace models will be introduced to meet this requirement.


•  Motor manufacturers have introduced lower cost entry level EEM motors to meet the requirement.


•  The Rule was finalized July 3, 2014 and goes into effect July 3, 2019.


Why is DOE Doing this?

•  DOE research shows that the average PSC furnace fan consumes 10% of the homes electricity for the year.

•  The FER is expected to reduce this by 50%.

•  The estimated energy savings over the life of the fan are expected to be $340 to $500 – after deducting the increased cost for the EEM fan motor.    

How much is all this going to cost?

•  The Control Board is upgraded to control an EEM motor.

•  Motor has been ugraded from PSC to EEM.

•  Roughly $90 - 140, depending on the motor horsepower.

•  Figure this into your estimates and proposals now.  

What is the timeline for the changeover?

•  The factory has already begun to switch over production starting with builder models first then working up the line in AFUE and features.

•  The entire furnace lineup must transition no later than last build date for PSC models of July 3rd 2019.

MBR Blowers - the orphan

•  The DOE classifies MBR and MBVC blowers as an “Electric Furnace.”


•  Why?  Because there is no evaporator coil, and you can install an electric heat kit.


•  So they fall under the FER rule. The MBVC meets FER requirements.  


•  The MBR is going Obsolete.   Use the MBVC when quoting two piece Air Handler combinations. 


What happens to any leftover PSC models?

•  They may be sold  till inventory runs out.

We hope that you found this information useful. If you have further questions, please contact your CCOM Sales Representative directly. 

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